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When The Wind Blows

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Midwest, Spring and early Summer are very pretty times of the year in places like Missouri and we love it! Flowers are budding after the long winter and the temperature is starting to warm. Spring in the Midwest is also severe weather/tornado season. That doesn't stop us from traveling around the central part of the United States, but it does remind us to keep close tabs on the weather forecast as we travel.

Our must pack list includes rain jackets, an umbrella, shoes that you don't mind getting wet and/or muddy, a weather radar app on your cell phone and a portable weather radio for those times cell service isn't too awesome. Be willing to adjust your route slightly to avoid severe storms if necessary. And, if you can't avoid them, be sure you have a plan for staying safe. Know where campground storm shelters are located when camping in your RV. This is good advice no matter the season.

campground storm shelter
Campground storm shelter

We stayed in a small campground in Neosho, Mo. this Spring that had in-ground storm shelters on each side of the campground. Some places use block shower houses or restrooms as emergency storm shelters. Whatever the case, always know where safe places are if you need them quickly and keep a flashlight handy.

Thanks for reading our blog as we wander. We'll catch you again next time.

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