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The Mercantile

What's in Pawhuska, Oklahoma? The Pioneer Woman's Mercantile, that's what! Yes, we stopped for a bit on a rainy day to see what all the fuss was about. We have to say, it was quite fun.

Ree Drummond is known as the Pioneer Woman. She's spent the last many years cranking out comfort food recipes to great success. She's authored cookbooks, has a line of cookware, a line of clothing, and has opened restaurants in Pawhuska. She has also opened the Mercantile to sell this and that. John thought we needed to stop there for a visit. I never really thought about it until he mentioned it. I'm glad he did. It was fun and a good stop on the way back to Missouri from a longer trip we took to Texas.

While at the Mercantile we enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee, shared a tasty cinnamon roll and a shared a large colorful, crispy cereal treat labeled "This One Is My Boyfriend." Not sure what that means other than it's a super awesome treat! Yup.

Thanks for reading our blog as we wander. We'll catch you again soon.

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