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What's Your Sign?

No, not your astrological sign. We mean those other signs that make you do a double take. Like most people, we always keep an eye out for informational signs to help us reach our destination while traveling. Occasionally, among the informational signs we spy something just a bit different. Here are some of the "just a bit different" signs we've seen over the last several months that made us pause and then snap a quick picture.

While you're browsing through these sign pictures, we'll be keeping our eye out for more thought provoking signs in 2023. Happy New Year, all! Hope it's off to a good start for you.

Sign "Jacks Up? Antennas Down?"
These are good questions to ask when leaving a campground.

When leaving our campsite in Garryowen, Montana, we passed a helpful sign reminding visitors to check their rigs before leaving. While our Travato doesn't have jacks or large antennas, we have had past RVs with both. And, yes, those items can be missed if you're not careful. Seems the campground owner of 7th Ranch RV Park might have some interesting stories to tell about previous guests that made them think to post this sign. Nonetheless, the campground's helpful reminder seems a good idea for us travelers. Kudos to them!

Sign, "Rattlesnakes have been observed"
You don't have to ask us twice! We will definitely stay on sidewalks.

The staff at Chimney Rock National Historic Site in Bayard, Nebraska have a few friendly reminders for guests, including a plea to stay on the sidewalks. Mere mention of the word "rattlesnakes" makes us eager to comply with their request. A similar sign was also posted just a short drive away at Scotts Bluff National Monument in Gering, Nebraska.

Sign, "Road Ends In Water"
It's a boat ramp. Yep, ends in water.

Okay, a boat ramp usually does end in water. Understandably, there's no doubt people take wrong turns when traveling through unfamiliar areas; especially in the dark. Ending up on a boat ramp instead of a roadway could spell disaster for the unsuspecting traveler. That said, we wonder if the folks at Copperas Creek Campground in Comanche, Texas have an interesting tale to tell.

Sign, "Longhorns Are Dangerous"
Indeed. We'll take their word for it.

There are no longhorns in this photo, but there were longhorns enjoying the sunshine at the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm in Stonewall, Texas. While the animals looked rather docile as they rested in the summer sun, those long and pointy horns look like they could do some serious damage to visitors not paying attention to the posted sign.

Signs "WormVille USA" next to vet clinic.
Worms. Hee hee. Go to the vet clinic.

We stopped to fill up with gasoline in Neosho, Missouri and noticed these two signs. Only people with a goofy sense of humor will see the jolly in this photo. Everyone else just sees a couple of signs advertising area businesses.

Sign, "Why Do Melons Have Weddings? Because they cantaloupe."
Funny. Never thought about that before.

Speaking of filling stations, we noticed this sign joke while filling up the tank with gasoline in McCook, Nebraska. It's been a few months since this picture was taken. Wonder what's on the sign today? Anyway, it was a fun chuckle on our journey.

Sign, "Do Not Feed Prairie Dogs"
We will not feed the prairie dogs.

Prairie dogs seem to be in abundance in certain areas of the United States. The folks at Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming want to make sure you stay safe and urge visitors to refrain from feeding the little critters. Honestly, prairie dogs are super cute and entertaining to watch. That makes it easy for people to forget they're wild animals and should be left alone. There are viewing areas at the monument that allow visitors to watch the prairie dogs pop up and down and scurry around. Take photos, just don't get too close. And for goodness sake, please don't share your Doritos with them.

Sign, "Rough Road"
It was very rough.

You know, the word "rough" can mean different things to different people. We've encountered "Rough Road" signs with road conditions ranging from perfectly smooth to sticky mud. When we encountered this sign in Glacier National Park in Montana this past fall, we weren't sure what to expect and wondered if we should take the chance with our Winnebago. We decided to go for it. Here's what "rough" meant to us on the day we traveled through this work area: super dusty, never-ending, teeth-chattering washboard ahead. Yep, that about sums it up.

Sign, "Bear Country"
Yikes! Good to know.

Indeed! There are bears in Glacier National Park in Montana. While we think bears are cool, that doesn't really mean we want an up close and personal encounter with any. So what happens when you decide to drive "Going-to-the-Sun-Road" before the sun comes up and your dog passenger decides she needs a potty break? You be quick about it because it's super dark out there. Just try getting a dog to understand that. But, that's a fun story for another day.

Sign, "Red Bus Parking"
Does Ruby count as a Red Bus?

We wondered if our red Travato RV we call Ruby qualifies for Red Bus parking in Glacier National Park. We didn't park there, so we'll never really know.

Thanks for reading. Tap the heart icon below if you like this post. More blog postings to come in 2023! Read about some of our past adventures at Best wishes for a happy and fun 2023!

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